1976 BMW 1602 - Full rebuild.

In for a full rebuild and a colour change to Fjord blue

Stripped out and mounted on a trolley

Suspension assemblies before strip down

Paint removed from engine bay and front panel

Rear wings and sills cut away

Revealing previous patch repairs

And filler in the arches

Ususal rot in the rear inner arches is cut out and replaced

Both sides

New panels waiting

Boot floor is trial fitted

And welded into place

Other panels trial fitted

Inner sills cleaned up and treated

Outer sill in place - note it runs behind the rear wing

Rear inner arches in place ready for welding

Rear wings welded in place and remainder of shell stripped back to metal


Underside cleaned and treated

Ready for etch primer

In etch primer

In the spray Booth

Chrome and Zinc plated parts ready

Powdercoated parts

Reassembly begins

New headlining fitted

Floor primed with an epoxy paint ready for gluing sound deadening and carpets

Suspension rebuilt and refited to the car along with the engine and gearbox

Stainless Steel exhaust system

Engine bay almost complete

Hidden Speakers

All glass in.

Almost finshed, ready for a test drive.


Full re-trim in Black leather with heated Recaro sports seats!