1971 BMW 2002 - Full rebuild.

After sitting in a shed for the last ten years this car is in for a full strip down and rebuild

Engine bay looking a little tired

Strip down begins

Mounted to a trolley

Front panel is removed and paint strip begins

New front panel fitted, wings and doors trial fitted

Genuine BMW panels used

Starting to cut out the rust

New panel in place

Next onto the rust in the front floor / bulkhead

Onto the lower rear wing area- rusted area cut away

New panel clamped in place

And welded in

Front lower rear wing / sill

Passenger sill had rotted around the trim mounting holes but was otherwise in great shape with just a little surface rust, so localised repairs are carried out

Passenger side floor / bulkhead had been plated previously and required similar repairs to the drivers side.

Once finished the underside is coated with epoxy mastic and then an anti-stonechip coating ready for paint.

In Etch Primer and ready for a trip to the paintshop

In the paintshop

Painted and polished

New and reconditioned parts ready to go back on.

Suspension reassembled

And Back on the car