1973 BMW 2002 Baur - Full rebuild.

Strip down begins

Original colour (Turkis) written in crayon behind the rear seat.

Front suspension assembly removed

Rear Suspension Assembly Removed


Poorly protected front panel rusting from the inside, it is also the incorrect later type so will be replaced.

Not much left attached now

Mounted on the trolley

Metal work started with repairs to rear inner arches

Then replacement of rear wings, outer sills, bootfloor, rear panel and front panel.

New inner rear arches

New boot floor in place.

Rear wing trial fit

Then tacked in place.

And then the finished join after welding in place

Engine bay stipped to bare metal

The completed shell

And in primer

Ready for colour (it's original 065 Turkis)

In the oven For Paint



Meanwhile Suspension is rebuilt

And shell back into the workshop for fit up.

Lovely Colour, original Turkis Blau

The finished car

Original interior re-trimmed in leather with original style carpets


Deciding to restore a car is one thing, choosing who will undertake the work is another. Having been through the process I have no 
hesitation in recommending Jon Miller of Classic Car Workshop Ireland. Not only does Jon possess vast technical knowledge, a forensic 
ability to assess a project, he is approachable, happy to give advice, and completes the work to the highest standard. It's been a pleasure, 
and I look forward to giving Jon an E-Type to break the monotony of all these German cars!  

Stephen Northwood, UK