1973 BMW 2002tii - Full rebuild.

Starting the strip down

Front panel removed

Front and rear subframes removed from the shell.

Shell mounted to a custom trolley.

Underside steam cleaned.

Corrsion to front and rear of the sills and floor pan cut away and replaced with new metal.

Areas of surface rust will be treated before etch prime is applied.

Engine bay stripped to metal.

The remainder of the outer panels are also stripped to metal.

All vulnerable seams and areas on the underside are coated with epoxy mastic.

Trial fitting of the new front-end and doors

All suspension parts ready to be shipped to the powder-coaters.

Vulnerable edges of new panels also coated in Epoxy mastic.

New front panel and wings fitted permanently

Rubbed down and ready for colour coat.

Colour and Laquer coats applied and baked on.

On to the suspension rebuild now.


New and reconditioned parts including those back from powdercoating

Back together, better than new....

Engine ready to be refitted

Engine re-united with the car

Front and rear Suspension fitted

Interior re-trimmed in leather and refitted together with new carpets

The Finished Car

And all in time for the owner to enter the St Patricks Day Parade - Build period 4th Jan- 16th March 2011