1970 Mercedes 280SL Full Restoration

This 1970 280SL is in for a full bare shell restoration.

Strip down begins, there are a lot of parts!

Striping the car down to a bare shell

And onto a trolley

Front LHS wing and front panel removed

Previous accident damage to inner wing

Inner wing removed

Loaded on trailer to be transported to the media blaster

Back from Media Blasting

Metalwork starts with rear panel and rear wing removal.

Rear crossmember replaced first

Insides of panels Zinc coated

Rear Panel in place

Lip of inner arch being replaced

And the other side after priming

Rear wing held in place ready for welding

Welded and ground back.

Both side done.

On to the front end

These areas need to be repaired first since access will not be possible with the front wings in place.

Then the inner wing is fitted along with all the original brackets removed from the old panel.

And coated with Zinc where it will be covered with the strengthener rail.

Which is spot welded in place.

Front cross member and panel next

Followed by front wings and headlamp bowls

With doors back on.

The hardtop needed some repairs to the lower edge

And the boot gutter also needed some fabrication

The Aluminium bootlid had had a previous bodge to the mounting point so this was cut away and repaired

Next the preparation could begin for paint.

The doors are also aluminium which is easily dented and this one was no exception!

Repaired area are primed in black to show any imperfections and sanded back

Before being primed again in light grey (since this car will be white) and seam sealed as necessary.

Primer all rubbed down and ready for paint.

Whilst the shell is at the paintshop parts have started to arrive for the suspension rebuild.

And new hood, carpets, interior trim etc

Paintwork starts with the underside

Then the loose panels

Paintwork completed

Meanwhile front suspension has been assembled

And rear Suspension going back together

Engine being stripped down for inspection and rebuild

Parts sent away for vapour blasting

And zinc plating

The very tired interior in the trimshop for new Leather

Leather trim also extends to the soft-top over.

Alloy parts back from Vapour Blasting

Injection pump back from rebuild

Engine stripdown continues

Rear Suspension Assembled

Sorting reconditiond parts ready for engine assembly

Engine Reassembly

Sorting out all the chrome in an effort to remember where it all goes!

Work commences on refitting the shell, starting with the wiring loom and under dash components

And then the bulkhead parts that need to be in place before the engine takes up all the space.

Engine and gearbox reunited with the front subframe


Lowering the shell back onto the subframe

Back where it belongs

Rear suspension also in place.

Back on four wheels

New correct type carpets being fitted

Doors trimmed

Dashboard back together

Bonnet fitted


During the first test drive, suspension needs to settle a little then a full geometry check.