1962 Lotus Seven Cosworth - Full Restoration.

As the car arrived, it has been off the road since 1985

Dismantling the car to it's component parts

The original chassis had been highly modified for racing and was not worth saving so a replacement was found although this also needed work.

The same chassis after soda blasting.

The parts that need replacing are marked.

And new sections welded in place.

Chassis ready for powder coating

Chassis back from powder coating

Fitting the aluminium skins starting with the floor

Foot boxes


and rear panel which had to be wrapped around the chassis tubes.

Dash board and wiring in place.

Trial fit of scuttle bonnet and nose cone

Transmission Tunnel fitted

Engine, gearbox and rear axle all rebuilt


Engine and Gearbox fitted to the chassis.


Interior Trim panels fitted


Front wings trial fitted


Fuel Tank painted and fitted


Rear wings painted and fitted


New seats made and covered to original specifications

Period Steering wheel restored

Seats fitted

Engine ancillaries connected (mostly)

Front wings and nose cone painted and fitted

Period look harnesses fitted


Almost Finished, a few snags to sort and a couple of good road tests and it will be ready for sign off.

Back on the road for the first time in 25 years....