Mercedes 280SL Full body Restoration




Rusted sill and rear wheel arch removed

Surface rust treated

New panels sealed before fitment

Internal areas Zinc Primed

Corroded areas of front inner wing need repairing

New Metal in place


Nearside was worse and required much more fabrication

Rear wheelarch required inner and outer sections replaced

The whole panels were not needed, so the required sections were cut from them.

Zinc primer to help stop any future corrosion

Inner wing, outer sill and rear arch replaced

Repairs overcoated with epoxy mastic ( mastic)

Rear quarters at the wing to boot floor joints needed repair both sides.

Remainder of paint removed from exterior panels back to bare metal

Into the paintshop for an oven baked re-paint using modern materials.

Vunerable areas are cavity waxed during reassembly

Starting to go back together

Interior areas are painted with epoxy mastic

Fitting the new Hood

The hood after it has weathered in a little.

Re-trimmed interior

All finished