"Deciding to restore a car is one thing, choosing who would undertake the work on my BMW 2002 Baur was another. Having been through the process I have no hesitation in recommending Jon MIller of Classic Car Workshop Ireland. Not only does Jon possess vast technical knowledge, a forensic ability to assess a project, he is approachable, happy to give advice, and completes the work to the highest standard. It's been a pleasure, and I look forward to giving Jon an E-Type to break the monotony of all these German cars! "

Stephen Northwood
Surrey, England.


"After searching around for a while for someone to restore my 1970 Mercedes 280SE Coupe I decided to give it to Jon. His quotation was more detailed than the others and I felt there would be less surprises throughout the process. He undertook a bare metal re-spray, wax oiled the underside and cavities, replaced the carpets, all door seals, boot liner, re-varnished some woodwork, re-sprung the driver seat and carried out some minor mechanical repairs. He photographed each step of the process and invited me out to inspect the work as it was progressing. Where decisions were required his advise was invaluable. Where I required extras to the original quotation he always ensured that I understood the cost implications. As stated earlier I was keen to avoid surprises but I did experience one. The final cost for the work originally quoted for was less than his quotation due to a saving in man hours. Following such a major overhaul some minor snags are inevitable. These were sorted in record time, no quibble, no extra costs, no arguments.
I am very very pleased with the final result.
Jon is a top professional at what he does. His attention to detail is superb. He finds innovative solutions to problems and most importantly he's honest.
I could not recommend him more highly."

Liam O'Connell



"Finding someone conscientious, trustworthy and knowledgeable to work on any classic car is a challenge. Finding someone to work on an old Ferrari even more so. Jon has been a major find in this respect carrying out some excellent repair work on my fiberglass 308GTB on both doors, fitting new hinges and re-aligning both doors. He has performed a number of other minor mechanical and electrical repairs as well as tracking down an annoying earthing problem which others had failed to find. The end result is a more reliable car and a far more enjoyable ownership experience.

While (thankfully) there have been no major engine problems since a full rebuild by a UK specialist in 2008, Jon has worked with those specialists to build his knowledge of the car and has quickly become the first port of call for any issues with it. His enthusiasm and professionalism is a welcome change and from many other classic specialists and the quality and thoroughness of his work speaks for itself."

Joe Gibbs
Co Tipperary    



"I drove my 73 MG Midget to Ireland when I moved here, from the UK, in 1999. Since then it literally sat in a garage woefully neglected as other more important things took precedence: Building a house, new career and lastly but definitely not least, three beautiful children. However, by the end of 2009 I had to make a decision - get rid of the car to make space for more of the children's garden toys or buy a shed for the toys and get the car restored. Making the choice was not the difficult part, finding someone to undertake the task was the challenge. After many weeks of trawling the web, phone calls and emails yielding no positive results, only resulting in bouts of despair, I was pointed in the direction of Jon Miller.

Firstly, Jon was actually enthusiastic about what I was trying to achieve! Before starting any work, Jon provided me with a detailed report of what work was required and a quotation that itemised every part that would be required - along with costs. How rare was that! John completed a full restoration of the suspension, fuel and brake systems as well as repairs to the clutch system and literally everything else that needed to be done to get it safely back on the road. Unfortunately, my budget did not stretch to a bare-metal strip down and re-spray. However, the work Jon completed on the bodywork was well and truly beyond any expectations I had on the result that would be achieved. I will have absolutely no hesitation about taking the car back to him in the future for the full job on the bodywork. In the mean time my car drives and looks better than I think it did when I bought it 15 years ago. I could not be happier and the children just love their new shed!"

Martin Cooper
Co Clare



"Jon had previously serviced our ’76 Stag & kept her in excellent order, so I knew that he was the tried & trusted port of call when I developed worrying symptoms of coolant loss & moisture in the oil… one of the nightmare situations with my beloved Triumph V8 (though not entirely uncommon)!! At times like that it’s not just anyone that you’d trust with the car.

He was very professional in his assessment & clear & concise with his estimate of what was involved. Whilst she was with him I got some additional works carried out including the re-furbishment of the radiator, good clean-up of the engine bay & covers & waxing of the front cross-member & front wings.
Despite one of the re-worked / re-built heads being damaged by a courier, Jon had the means to repair it perfectly, very much to my relief (& ultimate delight!)

Very importantly, he worked closely with me at all times whilst also fitting new timing chains, sprockets & tensioners as well as including a water pump renovation to complete the job to my total satisfaction. The car has never run so well, she’s certainly responded well to the TLC.

It’s been great enjoying the sweet burble of the car again and with another service-worth of miles run-up (yet) again I’m certainly getting the use of the car that ultimately makes classic ownership so completely gratifying!!!
Many Thanks Jon"

Cormac McFerran
Co. Tipperary


"Jon did my first service and repairs on my Austin Healey 3000, which I had bought six months ago. Jon completed a very competently and professionally done thorough inspection of the car, a full service and installation of various parts including suspension mods etc.

I was very happy with his thoroughness so I'm a happy bunny and will get him to do a second round of mods in a month or so."
Kevin Begley,

Co. Limerick.


"I have owned my 1972 Triuumph Spitfire since 1995. I had a quick paint job done in '95 and then carried out a more comprehensive nut and bolt restoration from the end of '99 to 2002. However over the past year the dreaded tin worm struck doors, boot lid, rear wings below the bumpers and on the panel below the windscreen. There was also a problem with the sill alignment on the drivers side where it meets the bonnet. I did not want to give the car to anyone who might carry out a quick fix and luckily I was introduced to Jon Miller earlier this year who made all the right noises about how to go about repairing the problems on the spit.

I sent the car off on the back of a truck along with a friends MGBGT to Jons workshop in Killaloe at the start of April. Last Sunday 10th May, I collected the car and was pleasantly surprised at my 're gapped panels' and Jon showed me the metal that he had cut out of the car  (a lot!!) and gave me a CD of lots of photos of the work as it progressed. I'm thrilled to have it back rust free and can recommend Jon for his thorough work and enthusiasm for carrying out work on classic cars. Thanks again Jon"

Alan Quinn